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457,339 Gold In Only 14 Days On One of My Many Level 85 Toons Using The Strategies In This Guide

If I guessed correctly, and if you're anything like the hundreds of gamers I've spoken to, gold is one of the few things in World of Warcraft that you desperately want more of.

And if you're like most people, you might even play hours at a time ... and it may have a negative impact on certain parts of your life.

Well I have news for you...

Knock it off.

The gold farmers, gurus, and elites out there who want the whole system to themselves.

They LOVE when you spend five hours a day farming for gold.

Who cares if you make 1,500 gold an hour?

They can make FIVE TIMES that and it’s all because you’re not competing with them.

Want to know how?

Then turn off all those distractions and PAY ATTENTION to what you’re about to read.

If you’re having a hard time making gold in World of Warcraft….

…but you still want to keep trying

…and you want to show the gurus that they have real competition

...then keep reading because you're about to learn how

If you want to make a boatload of gold, logging in each day to find THOUSANDS of fresh coins sitting in your mailbox...

Relax, you don’t need to pay a fortune to some shifty gold farmer..

Or cheat your way to the top with tips that will get you banned.

The only thing you need to do is

Because you’re about to embark on a journey that has made WoW players around the world filthy freaking rich.

And it’s not nearly as hard as you think it is.

It doesn’t matter. I don’t go around broadcasting my name to the Internet, but when Cataclysm rolled around and the opportunity to showcase the tips that have made my character filthy rich, I took it.

This is what came out of the deal.

You can follow my lead and do the EXACT same thing:

  •  Ugh, who isn’t tired of sitting in Twilight Highlands and killing Subjugators or Dragons. No more!! find out how I made my fortune without ONE SINGLE minute of farming.

  • Never, EVER buy gold from a farmer. Otherwise it’s goodbye account.

  • I don’t walk you down the path some gold gurus will take you. I show you the path to fame and riches without a single bannable offense.

  • Play less, or put your time into raiding and PvP where it belongs. Less time making gold = more time enjoying it.

Grab A Snack, Sit Back & Relax With Our Extensive Video-Based Tutorials On Dominating The Auction House

You won’t login, go AFK and start making HUGE Piles of Gold while you take a nap.

You’ll have to take notes, remember to scan stuff, and check values day in and day out.

But, when you do…

…and you follow my exact tips from day one to day two and beyond

…you’ll get to the point where you can make 20,000 gold or more PER DAY

Without breaking a sweat.

Farming is boring.

I have been playing World of Warcraft for more than 6 years now and I always hated farming.

Sitting there killing the same mob OVER and OVER again for HOURS and what do you get for it?

A few hundred gold and a bad case of carpel tunnel.

So, instead of joining the endless stream of people who think that farming is the only way to make gold, I took a leap forward and started using the one tool that I knew for a fact would make me gold – the Auction House.

Let’s just say it works.

And we’re not talking about a few measly gold here and there.

I’m talking about hundreds of THOUSANDS of gold every single week pouring into my mailbox.

I didn’t have to spend a single minute farming one shiny ounce of it.

You need to ask yourself two questions right now:

Because if you keep reading, you’re going to find out exactly how Cataclysm Scalper makes it possible to make the gold you’ve always dreamed of.

The time when you were just another cog in the machine of worker ants that ran around doing the bidding of bigger and better players is over.

With Cataclysm Scalper, you’ll be the next big gold making rock star.

You’ll be the guy that everyone wants to hang out with and learn from.

I know what you’ve been reading.

I’ve seen the other guides you’ve been using.

I’ve even listened to the gurus you think know what they are talking about.

Go farm for mining or herbs in Uldum?


That’s the best they have?


Personally, I am not a huge fan of this technique of making gold but nonetheless, our Treasure-Finding module has always been a fan-favorite.

Just A Sneak Peek At Our Tailoring Professions Module, Among Others Which Include :-


Sneaky Auction House Strategies That Teach You How To Buy The Best Materials At Rock Bottom Prices And Identify The Ripe Time To Sell For Sky-High Prices.

My Highly Classified Auction House Domination Module Reveals The Red-Hot Items To Stockpile For An Avalanche Of Gold Based on Cross-Server and Incoming Patch Analysis.

My Auctioneer & Auctionator Modules Will Guarantee You Profits Even Before You Step Into The Auction House.

How To Predict Demand Spikes For Tantalizing Deals On Fabrics For Budding Tailors In Our Tailoring Module.
Our Premiere Mining Module Will Point Out Shockingly Undervalued Ores That You Can Snap Up For A Fraction Of The Price
How To Generate Insatiable Demand For Your Glittery Wares With Our Jewelcrafting Module.
Small Adjustments You Can Make To Ensure You Make Up To 3X More Than What Your Rivals Earn With My Competition Crushing Crafting Module.
Love Hunting For Treasure? Our Treasure Finding Module Will Reveal To You The Locations With The Highest Epic Drop-Rates.

This is more than just another gold guide – the kind that you find on every other blog about World of Warcraft these days.

This is the kind of product that you will only find at the top peaks of World of Warcraft’s greatest gurus.

You’ve been waiting for someone to come along and show off exactly what it takes to reach the top of the gold farming lists.

You’ve waited months to play Cataclysm and weeks more to make some serious cash.

If you keep farming, it’s just not going to happen.

NOW and only now is the time to take a chance and learn how the gold gurus are really doing it.


So what more needs to be said?

Honestly, I don't expect you to trust me, in spite of the 60-Day Money Back, No Questions Asked Guarantee, the killer material, certified screenshots and bonus videos above.

If you're still skeptical then why don't you have a look at what other people who have bought the product are saying?


354,778 Gold in 14 Days... NO FARMING INVOLVED!!


(Note : Participants started with gold denoted at Day 0 with no stockpiled items in bag or bank)


I’ve already received more than a handful of emails from none-too-happy farmers who want me to tuck my strategies away forever.

But, if you act now, you’ll get Cataclysm Scalper and everything in it for a single one time price of just $37.

Just $37 for everything you need to DOMINATE your server’s economy right now.

Getting to the top is NOT easy. It will take time.

I’m not unrealistic here. I know it’s not easy. And Cataclysm Scalper doesn’t pretend you’ll have an easy time of things.

You’ll spend time working and I’ll show you how to do it EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

But, imagine what happens to all those gurus when a player like you shows up with their handbook to all that gold.

What can they do? You’ve taken the control and now you can show THEM who’s the best.

Don’t risk your account getting banned.

Be the best. Be the one with more gold than anyone in the game.

Be the one who never again worries about the new recipes, gold sinks, or mounts.

Listen. I know things happen.

I have been there and seen the results of overspending or simply not having enough time to invest into the auction house system.

If you sign up for Cataclysm Scalper today and it doesn’t work for you or you simply run out of time to get what you want done, send it back.

That’s the Cataclysm Scalper Guarantee

Lock in your Cataclysm Scalper Membership now at $137, $67, $37 and you’ll receive instant access to the Member’s Only area where dozens of pages of content are waiting for you. Any time of the day. Even 2AM.


Click the button above and start changing how you play World of Warcraft forever. It’s as simple as that.

To Your Success

P.S. Don’t forget. When you join our Cataclysm Scalper family today, you get the entire guide risk free for 60 days. If you don’t like it or simply don’t have time to follow through any time in the next 60 days, return it for a 100% refund, no questions asked. So give us a try today, you have NOTHING to lose

P.P.S  Since I started playing WoW, I’ve seen countless players give up, get lost, or just plain grow tired of getting beat up on by everyone else in the gold stakes. I don’t want to see anyone else suffer that fate – hop on board the Cataclysm Scalper train now and learn how you can get ahead of it all.

Yes Jonathan, I Want My Copy of Cataclysm Scalper Activated Now at $37!




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